A for Antiparos

It may be tiny, but Antiparos has a huge following — not just because of Tom Hanks, who owns a house on this windswept Cycladic island. And now it’s hotter than ever, thanks to The Rooster, a low-key but seriously luxurious spa resort that opened in summer 2021.

The joy of Antiparos is that you don’t feel that you have to rush around sightseeing because there are barely any sights worth seeing. There’s a vertical cave encrusted with ancient stalactites (a disaster for claustrophobics), a squat medieval castle in town that occasionally doubles as a gallery or event space, and the magical ruins of Apollo’s temple on uninhabited Despotiko island, a short boat ride from Agios Georgios bay. (On your way back, stop at the Captain Pipinos taverna to taste the grilled octopus, sun-dried on a fishing line dangling over the quayside.)

Once you’ve ticked those off in a day or two, there’s no reason not to slow down and simply be present. From early morning yoga practice (the soundtrack to those alfresco sun salutations is, of course, a crowing rooster) to quiet nights observing the constellations,  serenity comes naturally at The Rooster. The superlative spa treatments simply accelerate the process.